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2022 Ingersoll Harvest Market

There’s nothing like ice cream on a hot day! On Saturday August 27 the Ingersoll Masons were providing free ice cream to community members attending the harvest market held at Centennial Park. The event was a resounding success…we ran out office cream shortly after 3 PM!

John Needham and Joel Sawyers
Jack Peter and Harry Murray
Tom Parker, James Muir and John Kaiser
Paul Harrington and Kent Cunnington

2021 Ingersoll Inter-Church Christmas Kettles Campaign

Although the Ingersoll Masons had to reduce their community activities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were out on December 23 and 24 manning the Christmas Kettles at Tremblett’s Independent Grocers and the Ingersoll LCBO. The patrons of these two establishments have been generous with their donations that will support the Christmas hamper program for our fellow community members that are in need of assistance during these difficult times.

Harold Matthews and Doug McQueen of King Hiram Lodge and Peter Buglass of St. John’s Lodge at the kettle.

2019 Ingersoll Masons Charity Golf Tournament Champions

Ingersoll Masons W. Bro. Peter Abel from King Hiram Lodge and W. Bro. Duncan Whitelaw from St. John’s Lodge were members of the winning team at this year’s charity golf tournament. (There are more photos from the tournament on the Community Activities & Events/Annual Golf Tournament page).

Golf Tournament Organizing Committee member Peter Abel and Duncan Whitelaw

We have been advised that both Peter and Duncan will be attending lodge this year since they have not quit their day jobs in order to join the professional golfer’s tour.

Some Photographs From the Tournament
Harry & Brenda Murray
Harold Matthews
Kent Cunnington & Scott Naisbitt
Tom Parker
Joel Sawyers
Gord Lesser & Mike Bowman
Duncan Whitelaw’s Championship Swing
The 2019 Tournament Champions

The putting contest required golfers to putt three balls at a target with points awarded based on how close each ball was to the centre. Since this was a Canadian Tournament, participants had to use a hockey stick. Mike Bowman was this year’s winner.

10, 25 or 50 points were possible per ball
It’s not as easy as it looks
Richard Tunks
2019 putting champion Mike Bowman demonstrating his winning form

Ingersoll’s Harvest Festival 2019

Saturday August 31, 2019 was a busy day for the Ingersoll masons. Our Harvest Festival food booth was located near the museum where we served up Back Bacon on-a-bun for only $5. Also, free ice cream was given out to visitors, young, old and in-between.

Ingersoll masons under the big (?) tent.
George, Jim & Rick are waiting for customers.
King Hiram Lodge provided chefs as well.
Chefs Joel and Norm
Who doesn’t like free ice cream?
Ingersoll Councilor (and mason) Mike Bowman and Ingersoll Cheese and Agriculture Museum Curator (and mason) Scott Gillies dropped by to visit the booth.
Ingersoll Councilors (and masons) Mike Bowman and Gord Lesser are cruising past the food booth.

The Ingersoll Masons Annual Church Service

On June 9, 2019 the Ingersoll Masons held their annual church service at the Historic West Oxford United Church. Members of King Hiram and St. John’s Lodges greeted the parishioners as they entered the church. W. Bro. Jon Arthur piped the brethren into the church. Rev. Cordell Parsons then led those assembled in a dynamic and lively service.

W. Bro. Jon Arthur, District Piper, Wilson District
Some Ingersoll lodge members with the Deputy District Grand Master for
Wilson District R. W. Bro. Richard E. T. Langille
Ingersoll lodge members greeting members of the congregation as they enter
the Historic West Oxford United Church
Ingersoll lodge members outside the church

At the conclusion of the service, Rev. Parsons led the bretheren and members of the congregation in a short masonic memorial service for Bro. Joel Piper who was one of the founders of masonry in Ingersoll. Joel Piper was an American who came to Canada as a United Empire Loyalist. He was a founding member of King Hiram Lodge and he served in the Oxford Militia during the War of 1812. Joel Piper lived from 1776 to 1858.

Highway 19 & 401 Cleanup

On May 25, 2019 members of King Hiram and St. John’s Lodges conducted a semi-annual cleanup of the parking lot and north interchange areas where highways 19 and 401 intersect across from the Elmhurst Inn.

St. John’s Lodge – Installation of the new Worshipful Master and Officers

On Tuesday May 21, 2019 Worshipful Master W. Bro. Duncan Whitelaw along with the elected and appointed officers of St. John’s Lodge, No. 68 were installed for the 2019/2022 masonic year. R. W. Bro. Joel Sawyers was the Installing Master and Deputy District Grand Master R. W. Bro. Richard Langille was in attendance. (Please note: The 2019/2020 masonic year was extended because of the pandemic. St. John’s Lodge, No. 68 was meeting virtually and not in person for several months.)

The following brethren assisted with the ceremony: M. W. Bro. Allen Petrisor; R. W. Bros. Don Rumble, Ron Findlater, Bill Foster, Michael De Belleval, Kevin Smith, John Ault; V. W. Bros. Gail MacKay, Tom Parker, Mike Bowman, Jon Bowman; W. Bros. Santosh David, Adam Soward, Les Charlton, Jack Peter, Scott Naisbitt, Scott Gillies, Roger MacKay, Cam Whiting, Mike Segui, Eric Oostenbrug, Dustin Wade, Gord Lesser; Bros. Peter Buglass, Glen Underwood, Jim Chivers, and Harry Murray.

2019-2022 Installation of Officers
W. Bro. Duncan Whitelaw, Worshipful Master, St. John’s Lodge, 2019/2022

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