Ontario Masonic Links

Wilson District Masonic Website –

Oxford Lodge, No. 76, G.R.C., Woodstock, Ontario –

Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario –

Grand Lodge Library, Museum & Archives –

Masonic CHIP Program (child identification) –

The Masonic Foundation of Ontario –

Sankey Lecture Series (held annually at Brock University, open to the public) –

Scottish Rite Freemasonry in Canada –

Royal Arch Freemasonry in Ontario –

History of King Hiram #37 –


The Brought to Light series from Victoria, Australia has over 60 podcasts on a variety of masonic topics –

This podcast also has links to several other masonic podcasts –

Other Interesting Masonic Links

Detroit Masonic Building (the largest in the world) –

Philadelphia Masonic Temple (ornate and interesting) –

London (England) Freemason’s Hall –

Manhattan’s Masonic Hall (not a Masonic site but lots of good photos) –

This is an excellent highly creative site from Gila Valley Lodge No. 9 located in Florence Arizona –

Do you have anything to share?

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